Fable Kitchen Valentine’s Dinner

One of my favourite restaurants in the city is Fable Kitchen. I was there the first weekend they were open after Chef Trevor Birds run on Top Chef Canada, my second date with my wife was there, and this year we spent our Valentine’s Dinner there. It was delicious.

Tempura Oyster with Smoked Tofu Mayo

The menu was set up as a dinner for two with two things in each course. The appetizer was a raw oyster in the shell with compressed apple, jalapeƱo, and dill (pictured at the top of the post) and one tempura’d with smoked tofu mayonnaise. Don’t ask me to pick between the two but the raw oyster with the compressed apple in particular had flavours I found to be basically perfectly balanced, just enough sweet, just enough spice, and just enough salt.

Next up a prawn agnolotti in a lobster bisque and smoked chilli oil. There’s really something special about beautifully made fresh pasta. With it came a mushroom barley risotto which was delightfully toothsome I think thanks to the barley, but the pickled shimiji mushrooms and fried maitake mushrooms gave this some lovely extra complexity and texture.

The main course(s) were a bison flat iron with baked celeriac, charred broccolini, and truffle jus which might just be the best red meat dish I’ve had in …. well a long time anyway. It was perfectly cooked. That’s not hyperbole, it was perfectly cooked. It was almost a shame actually because the ling cod was also good (nice sear, nice flavour, roasted cauliflower, and octopus on the side) but kind of out-shined by the bison.

Poached Apple

Last I didn’t really get good photos of the deserts but rest assured the chocolate mousse with shortbread and hazelnuts was delicious, and the poached apple with burnt bread foam (something I need to learn more about because it was fascinating) and caramel ice cream was a showstopper for me. I’m a sucker for apples and this was next level good.

So there you have it, a successful Valentine’s dinner. Fable Kitchen is reliably great and this meal was no exception. It was a special meal but if I’m honest, Fable is always special. You should definitely try them out if you haven’t.