We’re starting the blog, finally

Fable Diner / Trucker Breakfast

We’ve been doing the Instagram thing for quite a while now but it’s finally time to dip our toes into the food blog world.

My name is Matthew and I love brunch.  So much so that I co-founded a weekly social club where we meet and eat brunch.  “How Do I get in on that?” you ask?  Well, for now anyway, you don’t.  The first rule of Brunch Club is that you don’t talk about Brunch Club, mostly because everyone wants to be in Brunch Club as soon as they hear about it, so I’ve already said too much.

I’ve been on the quest for the best Brunch in Vancouver for a few years now so if you want to check out past exploits or follow along with the new ones please be sure to check us* out on social media:

I’m excited to do this in a little more in depth way and I’m excited for you all to join me. I can’t promise that things will be posted every day but I can promise that things that get posted will be done so with love and care. So let’s get to it!

* I keep saying “us” and “our” and “we” and you should know that these are all used in the royal sense.